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At the heart of every manufacturing challenge lies an untapped opportunity, and that's where our Engineering Analytics comes into play. We go beyond the surface-level questions of 'what,' 'why,' and 'what next,' to dive deep into the core constraints of time, quality, and cost. Leveraging engineering theory and manufacturing expertise, we decipher the hidden mechanics of your processes, giving you an unparalleled understanding of your operational landscape. This actionable intelligence allows you to confront challenges proactively, making data-driven decisions that elevate your operations to new heights.
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Engineering-first AI solutions


Improving productivity in Metal Fines production

OVERVIEW A $75M USD alumina manufacturer was living with inconsistent production schedules due to constraints in measuring a key process [...]

End customer side failures solved with ML

The final optimization model considered cathode inventory and quality, intermediate process parameters, to the coil quality data and customer requirements.Overview [...]

Improving coal consumption efficiency with data management and machine learning

OBJECTIVES A national aluminum and copper manufacturing company wanted to improve efficiency in their coal utilization. The standard test process [...]

Unveiling Microstructural Mysteries: Computer vision based Image Analysis of Microstructures (from Optical Microscopes) – Grain Size Analysis

Introduction Microstructures, the tiny patterns and arrangements of materials at the microscopic level, hold valuable insights into the properties and [...]

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