Engineering Analytics

Engineering Analytics

Unlock the true potential of your manufacturing systems with MateriaLogix, our comprehensive engineering analytics service. Focused on time, quality, and cost, we provide data-driven insights and simulations to optimize operations, automate lab result analysis, and predict material properties for improved process stability and efficiency.
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Engineering-first AI solutions


Improving productivity in Metal Fines production

OVERVIEW A $75M USD alumina manufacturer was living with inconsistent production schedules due to constraints in measuring a key process [...]

End customer side failures solved with ML

The final optimization model considered cathode inventory and quality, intermediate process parameters, to the coil quality data and customer requirements.Overview [...]

Improving coal consumption efficiency with data management and machine learning

OBJECTIVES A national aluminum and copper manufacturing company wanted to improve efficiency in their coal utilization. The standard test process [...]

Unveiling Microstructural Mysteries: Computer vision based Image Analysis of Microstructures (from Optical Microscopes) – Grain Size Analysis

Introduction Microstructures, the tiny patterns and arrangements of materials at the microscopic level, hold valuable insights into the properties and [...]

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