Pangea ASEA

Pangea ASEA

Pangea’s ASEA empowers organizations to enhance their sales process by leveraging AI. The platform is built on customized AI models trained on historical data, including training material and sales collateral across text, image, and video transcript formats, to create custom solutions with a single click.

  • Sales Enablement
  • Marketing Enablement

Sales Enablement

Our Sales Enablement Suite empowers agents with personalized sales pitches, converting training content into engaging videos, providing real-time support through advanced AI, and offering tailored learning recommendations. This comprehensive solution enhances performance, boosts efficiency, and ensures agents are equipped to succeed in their roles. 

Marketing Enablement

Transform your e-commerce content creation with unparalleled efficiency using advanced AI technology. Our solution enables you to effortlessly create, measure, and optimize product content, enhancing engagement and sales across multiple platforms. Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows and all e-commerce sites to boost productivity and stay ahead of the competition with continuously evolving AI capabilities. Get auto insights to improve performance and drive exceptional results. 

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