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  • Businesses are currently struggling with a significant challenge in their financial planning
    and analysis (FP&A) processes, marked by manual, inconsistent procedures that
    consume approximately 96,000 hours annually.
    This manual approach results in data
    inconsistencies, constrains critical information access, and hinders timely report
    generation, thereby obstructing effective decision-making. Furthermore, it elevates the
    risk of errors in reports, impacting the efficiency of workforce operations.
  • Pangea’s client, a prominent partner in Communications tools for “People First
    Companies,” encountered significant hurdles in their FP&A report preparation process.
    The complex process hindered their capacity to harness data for well-informed business
    decisions, slowing down their ability to fully leverage the advantages of available data.
    This challenge not only impacted their efficiency but also posed a risk to their competitive
    edge in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The client was confronted with several
critical challenges

  • Addressing these challenges was essential to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and datadriven decision-making, fostering business expansion.


  • To address these challenges comprehensively, Pangea recognized the need for a holistic solution. We understood that the client’s challenges were not standalone problems but interconnected factors affecting the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their FP&A reporting. This approach aimed to tackle the core issues at every level, from data handling to automation and analysis, to drive efficiency, accuracy, and data driven decision-making, ultimately fostering business expansion.

Automation & Analysis:

Through the implementation of Tableau and Power BI, we automated and analysed the Manual FP&A Reporting processes, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and valuable insights:
  • Analysis for Analytical Data Sets: By harnessing Python’s capabilities, we implemented intricate business logic, enhancing data processing.
  • Automated Data Extraction: We leveraged Tableau and Power BI to automate the data extraction from data warehouse, reducing manual effort and saving time
  • Streamlined Report Generation: Our customizable and interactive reporting template significantly streamlined the report generation process, making it both time-efficient and informative for various stakeholders.


In the Maintenance phase, we provided ongoing support, optimization for the reporting ecosystem, and customization of the reporting as per business requirements ensuring reliable and accurate data insights:
  • Timely Updates: We ensured that the reporting system was up to date with the latest data, allowing stakeholders to access real-time information for decision making.
  • Issue Resolution: Any issues or discrepancies that arose were promptly addressed and rectified, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the financial data.
  • Seamless Support: Our team offered seamless support to address any queries or concerns from stakeholders, facilitating smooth operations and enabling sustained growth.

Accelerated Report Generation:

Significant reduction in report generation timelines from ~15 - 20 days to ~1 day per month

Enhanced Data Exploration:

Abundant slice and dice options leading to a 50% decrease in ad-hoc requests.

Enhanced Data

The interactive visuals and data exploration tools enable stakeholders to easily access and analyze data, minimizing report errors.

Streamlined Turn-Around Time:

Remarkable 70% reduction in Ad-Hoc request turn-around time.

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